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Place of Origin:
Maharashtra, India
Brand Name:
ASTRAL solar PV Training system
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Output Voltage (V):
Load Power (W):
Solar Power (W):
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The ASTRAL’s Solar Photovoltaic Training system Model APSTS2015 has been designed with the latest Industrial / Commercial components available. The system will provide the necessary training in completing a fully functioning, Standalone solar electric system. This system have the capability to be fully monitored and controlled irridation & PV parameters.

Following experiments can performed on Solar PV Training System

  1. To identify and measure the parameters of PV modules in series & parallel combination.
  2. To plot I-V and P-V characteristics with series and parallel combination of Solar PV Modules
  3. To evaluate effect of Temperatiore on power generation
  4. To evaluate effect of Shading on power generation
  5. To evaluate effect of Tilt Angle on I-V and PV characteristics of Solar Module.
  6. To estimate effect of sun tracking on energy generation by Solar PV Module.
  7. To estimate the efficiency of stand-alone solar PV module.
  8. Study of battery charging & discharging characteristics
  9. Solar Energy measurement
  10. Measurement of solar panel voltage with no load
  11. Determination of parameters that describe the quality of solar cells
  12. Measurement of solar panel voltage with no load & full load condition